Did YOU Know EVERY World Class Breaststroke Swimmer Hits their Body Line?

World class breaststroke swimmer

I didn’t. I actually posted Part I of this series on the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group on Facebook and a guy named Ryan Kelly responded leading me down a wild goose chase to understand exactly what he read/meant. The short version of the matter is though – no matter what type of Breaststroker you […]

10 Best Strength Training Exercises for Swimmers

Strength training

Swimming is a lot of fun and is an excellent full-body workout with low resistance and high rewards. However, if you want to take your swimming up a notch, strength training for swimmers is crucial. If you feel you’ve hit a plateau or you want to improve your overall speed and power in the water, […]

5 Tips for FASTER Open Water Swimming

Professional triathlete swimming in river's open water

5 Tips for FASTER Open Water Swimming With COVID-19 and all the restrictions at your local pools, many swimmers have opted into Open Water Swimming. Open Water Swimming is a COMPLETELY different animal than your regular pool swim, as you don’t have a defined space where the water resides. This means the water will either […]

Top 3 Swimming Resistance Bands Sets

Swimming in your Backyard pool became pretty mainstream due to COVID-19. Most swimmers who had access to a pool became fairly innovative and used a swimming resistance band connected to a pole or fence post to swim in place. Swimming with a resistance band is a lot harder than it looks. I definitely do not […]

Ep. 6: Video Analysis of Your Swimmers is VERY Important!

Woo! Welcome to Episode 6 of the Social Isolation Podcast, where we feature an EXCLUSIVE interview with Olympic Coach, Michael Bohl. Michael has been coaching for over 30 years, and has multiple Olympic medals to his name. Michael was/is one of the most welcoming coaches I’ve ever come across. He let me sit in on […]

The 2 Breaststroke Pull Techniques

Fit swimmer training by himself in the swimming pool at the leisure centre

All, welcome back to Part II of our series on Breaststroke Undulation. Last week, we discussed the different types of Breaststroke Pull Techniques. This week, we plan to dive deeper into the two Breaststroke Pull Techniques and how that affects your Breaststroke Undulation. Let’s get started! With Breaststroke being a short-axis stroke, it requires a […]

The 2 Styles of Breaststroke Swimming Technique:

Woof! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a new blog for you guys! I trust that things are going well for you – wherever you are in the world! I know some teams are STILL patiently awaiting pool time, and if you are one of them – hang in there! Our next series, we […]

How to SWIM in the Sun!

Everybody has dealt with the sun completely blinding them while swimming outside. There’s no way around it. You can’t swim outdoors and expect the sun to not peak through every now again, so what can you do to help? Here’s 3 quick tips to help you swim FASTER in the sun: 1.) Wear Mirrored Goggles […]

4 Different STYLES of Butterfly Breathing Techniques!

All, welcome back to Part III of our series on Butterfly Undulation. We really couldn’t finish out this series without talking about the breath, and how it plays a role in the Butterfly stroke. After all, we all need to get air while swimming. Did you know there’s really 4 different Butterfly Breathing Techniques? I […]

5 Dryland Workouts for a FASTER Freestyle

Freestyle is the fastest swimming stroke with the 100m world record standing at an astonishing 46.91 held by César Cielo. With that said, you might be asking yourself how you can become a faster Freestyle swimmer and edge closer to becoming the next person to break a big record- whether it be your championship meet […]