Swim a FASTER Freestyle in 90-Days!

Are you sick of INCREASING your speed and having your technique FALL APART?

Then this NEW Freestyle course is JUST for you!

Course Details:

TWO Editions

Technical INSTRUCTION Videos

Each course includes a PROVEN 90-Day technical progression that has been TESTED and GUARANTEES results!

No more worthless drills or yardage that doesn't help YOU improve!

This is truly the FIRST step-by-step guide to a FASTER Freestyle in 90-DAYS!

We are NOT just going to throw you into a course without explaining the methodology behind it!

After all, the BEST way for a swimmer to learn proper technique is to understand the "WHY."

In each course edition, the "WHY" is fully explained to you!


Optional Drill VIDEOS

No one has time for extra training sessions, so we made both courses short and sweet.

Each course includes a daily, technique set, which takes LESS than 10-minutes, and can be added on to any primary training routine!

We want it to be convenient for YOU!

I'm sure there will be PLENTY of drills that you may not be familiar with, which is why we included an edition that HAS drill tutorial videos already included!

FASTER Freestyle!

Over the 90-day period, Coach Abbie will be coaching you to a FASTER Freestyle!

Keep in mind: BOTH courses are tailored to ALL ages and ability levels!

More Course Specifics:

Each course is BROKEN DOWN into 5 DIFFERENT Technique Focuses!

The focuses are there to HELP you PERFECT your Freestyle Technique!

Both courses will allow you to TRACK your PROGRESS over time!

Using our test-retest method, we've included test/re-test sets within each Technique focus!

There is NO better way to track your progress over-time than by testing your current and improved abilities!

With your results, you will be able to know if you're making PROGRESS or if you need to repeat a set or two!

Not what you're looking for?

Course Options:

For your convenience, we are offering two levels of our FASTER Freestyle course to fit YOUR needs!

Basic Edition

Includes access to the 90-Day Freestyle Technical progression, along with Technical Instruction videos.

Advanced Edition

Includes access to the 90-Day Freestyle Technical progression, Technical Instruction Videos, & Drill Videos.


Swimmers & Coaches love this course!

Chuck Crosby, USA-S Coach

Richard Searle, USMS Masters Swimmer

"Absolutely love this course. I've taken my swimmers through this technique progression and I 100% saw a difference in their technique. It's nice too because the sets are short and sweet--the kids can pay attention!"

"Great course. I've studied and taken many lessons with all different types of technique coaches--Abbie really does know her stuff! I'd recommend this course to anyone of any age!"


1.) Is this course tailored to coaches or swimmers?

BOTH! Swimming is a sport that has rapidly gotten faster over the past decade. With this surge in speed, there is LESS room for error from swimmers, and that also means as a coach--there is less room for "garbage yardage".

As coaches, in order to stay ahead of or even at pace with this surge--we must be constantly testing what we've DONE - to - what we DO - to - what we NEED to do.

That's where PROVEN, REFINED, and TESTED drill progressions come in. If you want to save yourself some time in the pool, and from "testing" new methods, I've put together a complete step-by-step course to getting ANY swimmer to FASTER Freestyle in just 90-days!

The best PART about this course is each, daily set takes LESS than 10-minutes! That means you can easily ADD it on to your primary workouts if you're a coach or swimmer!

So, go head and save yourself 10-years of testing and refining, and/or any time plateaus by going with a course--THAT WORKS!

2.) If I purchase this course, does it automatically start? Or can I go back to it at anytime?

Once you purchase the course, you will have a LIFETIME access to it. If you need to go on vacation or take a break between the 90-days, you can definitely do so.

With that being said, if you want to be enrolled in my MASTERMIND group--you will need to be one of the FIRST 20 purchasers and then, go through the course when it is convenient to you!

Now's your chance to swim a FASTER Freestyle!

Are you READY?

Basic Edition

Advanced Edition



√ Access to the 90-Day Technique Progression!

√ Access to the Instructional Technique Videos!

√ Access to the Test/Re-Test Methods we use

X Access to the Drill Tutorial Videos

X Access to the other bonuses

√ Access to the 90-Day Technique Progression!

√ Access to the Instructional Technique Videos!

√ Access to the Test/Re-Test Methods we use

√ Access to the Drill Tutorial Videos

√ Access to the other Bonuses

Percent IMPROVEMENT rate!



Money Back Guarantee