Arm/Leg Timing of BR

As I said, the legs are always starting a bit delayed from the arms, the pull itself has a little leg movement associated with it. The pull part of the Breaststroke pull which is where the hands are swooping in generates any sort of speed, you don’t have a whole lot of movement of the legs, the knee bend is really noticeable and prominent at the beginning of the recovery. So as you’re shooting your heads forward on underwater video you can see a visual knee bend, and then the catch is completed by the end of the recovery where you see the whole basically legs, engage, and then the snap happens as the recovery finishes and you shoot forward into a glide, which everyone has always talked about gliding and Breaststroke. But now we see more of like a fast tempo Breaststrokers come about for the elite side got a lot of people have been coaching less on the glide and it’s there still is a glide you just determine how long that glide is going to be based off of the swimmer, that you are coaching and their ability level.