Backstroke Rotation is like a Washing Machine

So, the reason rotation works, and I discussed this in Freestyle, and it’s the same, the same basis is basically like a washing machine so at the very end of your washing machine cycle with a washer spins closed super fast. And it allows the clothes not be just like sopping wet when you’re putting them into the dryer. The reason that we do this in Freestyle and Backstroke is pretty much in the same sense, it’s when you are rotating your body around from side to side, that you are so your vertical kicking in, you were doing that you would notice that water would be rippling away from your body, but in all directions. So essentially, there’s a point during the pull, where the body is rotating towards the polling hand which throws some water in the direction of the polling arm which reality allows a swimmer to move more water, which means that they’re more propulsive and they generate more speed per stroke. So it’s the same thing in Freestyle when you rotate certain, you hit a certain point where you couple, essentially, the rotational with the pull, and you see a little blip in their speed on a speed acceleration graph, and Backstroke is the same way. Well once again you can’t have too slow of Backstroke rotation, because then you miss that point where they actually combined together and help you move, move forward down the pool.