Backstroke Rotation Timing

Rotation timing is essential, you want a swimmer to get into the maximum amount of rotation, by the time that the catch, or right before the catch is about to happen, and the easiest way to describe that, at least I’ve found is for swimmers to be at their maximum point by entry. You know recovery is the thumb up, pinkie down- everybody has heard that. The other component is when the pinky enters the opposite shoulder should be pointing up towards the sky. You want to be pretty much on your side getting into that 40-degree angle. From there, as you start to pull down and you rotate the body back towards neutral, the hand pulls back. You should be neutral right past the catch, and then as you finish the stroke, you pop yourself over to the opposite side. So, you complete like one full rotation, you go for me the right shoulder up to left shoulder up through one pull or go from the left shoulder up to right shoulder up during the opposite pull. You never stay in the middle it’s constantly moving side to side.