Berkoff Blastoffs

You can see it’s a very traditional setup on the Backstroke starts and this is once again 1998. Everybody goes up to take their mark and you can see immediately that there is one person right outside the flags that has popped up and gotten onto the surface – everybody else is under the surface of the water. This is about 10 meters away from the wall. David Berkoff is the one right here in the middle of the frame, who has a term coined for Berkoff Blastoffs. So, as you can see as they continue, there’s some more people this is the halfway mark, where that white line is across the screen. David’s still way under the water, got a couple more people popping up or getting close to popping up, about at half pool, and David going past half pool. You can see here, he’s now way far behind the half pool mark, so he’s like 35 meters still under the water, the person beside him is also under as well. Mostly everybody else has popped up by now. Finally, at the very, very, very end of this David pops up. You can see very well on this frame, right here, They’re at this yellow marker on the lane line, which if we extrapolate that out to how far away they are from the wall, there’s only a yellow, then a blue, and then a yellow. So, he was in this yellow, there’s a blue and a yellow than the flags, so he was less than 20 meters away from the far wall off of his start which is pretty crazy.