Breaststroke Kick is the HARDEST to Teach!

So let’s talk about everything Breaststroke. So Breaststroke is literally the most technical and hardest stroke to swim in my opinion, I think there are so many different variations of the Breaststroke that as a biomechanist, it’s really hard to categorize them and saying that this is the way a group of swimmers swim and this is another way another group of swimmers swim. Whereas in Freestyle, you have hip driven stroke, and you have shoulder driven stroke and high elbow and a straight arm. There are all these different categories with Breaststroke making it super hard to put swimmers into different categories. So, you’re dealing with a wide range here. When I’m talking about Breaststroke, I’m talking about the things that are universal for most people’s strokes. So we’re not talking about the elitist of elite here and we’re also not talking about the lowest on the totem pole either- we’re talking about that mid range. What do most swimmers in Breaststroke do and why?