Breaststroke Pull “I”

The Breaststroke pull, I break it down into for us basically going back into your like learn to swim days where I call the first step an “I”, the second step, “y,” third step is scoop, and then the fourth step is a shoot. So, step one, the “I”, I believe is the most important step out of the entire Breaststroke. The reason for that is it dictates a swimmer’s body line so it allows you to kick take all the propulsion that you just generated and surge forward and hold that for as long as you can before it starts reducing down to almost nothing. So, the better your body line is the little bit longer, of that time is afterwards the after the propulsive phase that you’re surging. If your body line is not great, then you won’t surge as long, it doesn’t matter if you have the same amount of effort in both scenarios, if you have the same propulsion going forward, you have someone with an open arms up top, they are going to slow down faster than someone whose arms are together. So in your eye position. You basically start and finish the Breaststroke pull in this position, you’re going to have all 10 of your fingers pointing forward. If you look at me up here in the camera if you can see exactly what I’m describing you’re going to have all 10 of your fingers pointing forward. I like the thumbs being below the hand itself in from there you’re pretty much in a streamline, it’s just not wrist over wrist, it’s hand side by side, so you’re up over your head, in your “I” position, you’re basically in a streamline my position just without the wrist being over the wrist. So you want your fingertips facing down. Every finger stuck together, and then your thumbs, your thumbs resting below your “I” position.