Breaststroke Pull “Y”

As far as the “Y” is concerned, you basically go from your “I” position up top to then rotating your palms away from each other, without moving them yet. And you sweep them out to about a 45 degree angle away from each other which is right out shot right outside of your shoulder line. The goal here is to keep your hands in your peripheral vision so you should always be able to see your hands. You don’t want to sweep out too far that you can’t see your hands anymore, because you’re going to create a really really wide pull that would just takes a bit longer to go through and a shorter pull. Both the “I” and the “Y” step, don’t generate any speed, so sometimes you’ll see swimmers really try to like muscle through the sweep out. But if you’re sweeping out, literally the same amount of effort in both directions, it cancels the motion out and doesn’t do anything for you.