Breaststroke Timing!

So as far as the stroke tempo and timing are concerned, swimmers should start off to start focusing on their pulls first, then their case. So when I was a young coach, I coached this wrong. I used to think about everything coming together as one, and then everything going away as one and then everything coming together as one and everything going the way as one, and I used to say fresh looks like an accordion, but it’s not. There’s a little bit of a delay between when the legs start after the pull has already started. So the legs follow the arms here. But yes, everything is going in at a, you know, kind of the same time, but in the pull shoots first or shoots out first and then the kick snaps around. So, as you scoop in your heels are coming up. You want to be shooting your hands forward, as your legs are starting to snap around out back, so the scoop in your followed by heels coming up, and as the hands start shooting forward that’s when the legs start going all the way around to snap back and get through that propulsive phase of the Breaststroke kick. The height of the water varies depending on your stroke style, we’re having another webinar next month on Breaststroke undulation. So if you guys want to tune in on that. We can talk more about why other Breaststrokers come out higher versus some say lower, and what’s the benefits to all of those things. Yeah, there is a big variation in that, and also reasoning on why all that is happening. But at the end of the day you want to make sure that with your stroke, you’re always going to hit that body line as we talked about, so no matter if you’re swimming with a fast tempo like Adam Peaty or a somewhat slower tempo. You want to make sure that you always end up in the “I” position, you start an “I”, you end an “I”, and as soon as you’re like snaping around because your hands will be waiting up top for you. You’re then allowed to open up the hands or sweep them out to that wide position as your light green light goes, so I call it a star position. If you don’t hold your “I” long enough, because the legs are coming together, like the bottom of the sky star here, and then your hands are coming apart, which gives you a big surface area heading down the pool.