Connect Pull and Kick in BK

Please get efficient body alignment positions. So, anytime you’re moving your torso around you’re at risk of changing your body alignment. The key is to make sure that our torsos are rotating and in Backstroke rotating from their hips and not their upper torso. In Freestyle, as we said before, you have a choice of rotating or not, but Backstroke is a hip-driven stroke it has to be from the core and the hips. What makes that rotation happen in Freestyle is when you do rotate Freestyle is hip driven or you do a flat Freestyle shoulder driven. You don’t have that option in Backstroke; you have to get the hips to move. So with that, he will continually rotate around and kick as the body is swinging from side to side and you don’t want to let the legs stop kicking, even though there is rotation happening. A lot of times you see a pause and a kick from a swimmer when they’re changing the rotations. Let’s say they’ve already rotated to their left side that change back towards the right is where you see a pause or the leg is just stopped because a lot is happening at that current moment. You want to make sure that if you are essentially putting your left hand and initiating rotation back towards the right side. It is opposite arm, opposite legs. We talked about cross-connection and Freestyle. When your left fingertips, where Pinky is, enters into the water, your right leg will be kicking down and that cross-connection helps a swimmer connect through one of their lines and shift the body over towards the side to rotate which is better than either doing that with the wrong kick or no kick at all. So, right hand Pinky enters, left leg kicks down, left hand Pinky enters, right leg is down, and from there you continue with your kick.