Cupped Vs. Wide Hands

As far as the catch in the pulling pattern is concerned, I’m a big fan of pulling with your fingertips slightly open. I’ve done a lot of research and a lot of tests on cupped hands versus wide open hands versus hands that are slightly relaxed, or hands with fingertips touching but not necessarily cupped. What I have found and also what other people have found is when the hand is slightly open is best. The best way to do this is to shake the wrist side to side and let the hand hang, the amount of space that you see in between your fingertips, as you see up in my screen, the amount of space that you’d want to have to pull back with. Another aspect of this, besides increasing surface area, is the fact that when your hand is that limp and relaxed all those muscles in your forearm down to your wrist and palm are relaxed as well. So, it’s allowing the hands to generally be in a better position. You’re also not using as much energy, but it increases that surface area as well.