Dana Vollmer Dolphin Kick Study

So, basically they did some research on her prior to the 2008 Olympics, and they’re analyzing her kick seeing what it looks like comparatively to an actual Dolphin kick. And what they found, as they’re going through this is it’s actually really close to it. So, they analyze her body movement from a Dolphin Kicking perspective. So, what she’s doing in these, forward and backwards with lasers, under the surface of the water to decide whether her movement, or we can generate the same kind of speed and movement patterns as a Dolphin. And what they found is- we actually can. So, here is them going through all the research taping on all of the things that track her and then from there – here’s her 3d motion capture. So, the front of this is where her hands are and are streamlined, in the back of that is where her feet are obviously doing her dolphin kick, and then from there there’s a 3d image that they generated from all the lasers. Can you put that in comparison to that of an actual Dolphin, then it turns out that Dana swims and can Dolphin Kick very similar to that of a Dolphin, even though we are not necessarily built like aquatic mammals.