Differences to the Freestyle Pull

There’s three main differences to Freestyle, the three main differences is rotation is required in Freestyle you have the option, and I’ve talked a lot about this on social media recently. And what I learned when I traveled overseas to Australia, is that some coaches are actually promoting more of a flatter Freestyle. So you have the ability to not necessarily rotate freestyle, even though most coaches do recommend it. Whereas in Backstroke anatomically we have to actually rotate. So that’s huge. And that’s a huge difference to note that if you are back sugar, and you’re not great at rotation, you better get better at it because that’s how the stroke is fluid. The second thing is you want to keep the pull shallow. So the pulls can be really shallow up towards the surface or increased out can’t necessarily really keep it super shallow just due to the anatomy of the shoulder and the fact that all of a sudden forearm, you can’t make your forearm any shorter, so the shallow pull and Backstroke, is there, because you can raise the hand up more towards the surface, which we will talk about more, but in Freestyle you can do that. The last part of this is you want to finish the pull with the palm facing down. And so we don’t actually do that we don’t put the palm facing down in order to actually get a better recovery, which we will talk more about. By the end of your Backstroke pull, you’re going to finish past your hip just like we said in that straight line, the very, very end you’re going to rotate so the palm is facing down it is towards the bottom of the pool.