Dolphin Kick: Key Take Home Points

First, is that everyone can benefit from Dolphin Kicking, even if it’s just one kick-off of your walls because you’re starting at such high speed from your start in your turns that everybody can benefit from it. If people say “oh I can just a terrible at Dolphin Kicking ” Well then, yeah, you might not be great at it, but still utilize it and get better at it because it will make you faster. You want to minimize the time between your Up Kick and your Down Kick, and ankle flexibility is key. But it’s not the only prerequisite to a great Dolphin Kick. Practice makes perfect. So, the more you Dolphin Kick, the better you’re going to get the more ankle flexibility you have, it’s like multiple bangs for your bucks there. If you’re a coach video analysis helps. It’s easier for me to see something and make a change because I’m a visual learner, Just like a lot of probably your swimmers are, and also for you guys to see those things when I slow them down as well.

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