Dolphin Kicking Drills

Got some drills you can take with you. Vertical kicking, Awesome teaches you the bidirectional motion of the Dolphin Kick. Same thing with kicking on your side. Monofins, I don’t use monofins a ton, but they still exist. I like taking you on your stomach with your hands at your side using a snorkel. I like swimmers feeling that bobbing motion of their upper body, just basically seeing the surface, and then having the legs generate all the speed on the backside without any help of the arms. You can do that with or without fins. I like also with your, with your hands at your side. On your stomach, focusing on kind of like what I was saying where you focus on your undulation and moving your hips. You could do this in Freestyle and in Butterfly. I also like sets where you increase your Dolphin Kicks off of each wall. So, maybe we’ll take a look at 300 Freestyle for warm up, and you start with the first rule being to Dolphin Kicks, x plus three and x plus four all the way up until you finish that last turn, and then you can also use tempo trainers. I’ve been doing more and more with this from a kicking perspective. Recently, I was a huge fan of tempo trainers for like arm tempo, but what I’ve realized is that you can do it for kick tempo too. And for some people who don’t kick as maybe as naturally compared to somebody else, it is great to have the beep, telling them to kick, and the setting for a Dolphin Kick would be .4 seconds per each kick so depending on what up, you know, there’s a couple different settings, time whatever tempo training your using you would just want it to be point four seconds per kick before you hear a beep again.