DPS: Pros and Cons

As far as pros and cons are concerned of distance per stroke, stroke, distance per stroke, stroke has less drag because you’re spending more time in your body line. You have more time to recover because you’re not doing a whole lot as you’re fighting you’re fighting and staying in one position. There are fewer stroke cycles, which technically conserves energy over time. And then the cons are, you don’t get a lot of oxygen there’s little to no oxygen coming in for most parts of this stroke. You’re getting super powerful strokes so you can generate some propulsion to shoot you forward. And with that, you also need to have an unbelievable kit, which not everybody does. I also had a Breaststroker. I still can’t get Breaststroke for the life of me even though I know technique-wise what I need to do. My hips are just not that flexible and my ankles are not that flexible. And yeah, the way that my body connects to the undulation. Timing is not quite where it’s supposed to be.