As far as entries are concerned, you want a swimmer to enter right in front of their respective shoulder joints, if not a little bit wider than that, ideally with the middle finger entering first with your palms down so you can engage and get right into your catch position. You can see that appear to the front of that picture that guy’s entering with his palms facing down, similar to Freestyle, so you can get right into his catch. A common error is entering with your thumbs, a lot of elite swimmers, you can see on video review, do enter with their thumbs and with them it’s not necessarily the reason why that’s bad is not the same as maybe why it’s bad for an age grouper. I found that for younger kids when they enter with their thumbs it promotes them to sweep out first. At the end of day if you sweep out, it’s not helping you move forward, so we’re not looking for a sweep out to a sweep in to sweep out kind of stroke. We’re looking to get into the water and get into the catch pull under the body and then finish with a sweep out towards the hips. So that thumb entry, I’ve seen just promotes an out sweep at the top of the pull which doesn’t help you get down the pool as smooth as possible.