Fast Recovery: Pros and Cons

As far as Fast Recovery is concerned, here are your pros and cons. Faster recovery pros are that there’s less dead space and you’re not spending time in a glide that is technically slowing down as you continue to glide. Also, there’s less time between breaths, so you’re getting oxygen more frequently and getting into that propulsive phase sooner. As soon as you’ve finished the recovery start back into the pull which is a propulsive phase, so you’re reducing the time between propulsive phases. The cons are that there’s a ton of drag associated with it because you come to a 90-degree angle out of the water. You’re essentially sitting in a snowplow position and all this water is slamming against you, so there’s no time to relax. A lot of times younger age-group kids when they’re taught Breaststroke, they enjoy it because it’s more of a slow stroke, but if you want to swim Breaststroke well then it’s never easy. So, getting out of the mindset of politely doing my lap swimming Breaststroke style and then using a fast recovery where you’re getting no break.