Is the first Kick a full body kick and is the second kick a knee down kick? Good question. So, yes, but when you think about when you’re swimming Butterfly. I mean at the end of the day, like the Butterfly Kick itself does have a Down Kick and Up Kick portion to it. When you’re in the flat horizontal position which is where you are when you initiate your first day. It’s pretty easy to make sure that your Down Kick and your Up Kick or as in big enough amplitude that you want them to be. The second kick the reason it’s kind of weird, is because your upper body is like cocked up because you’ve either taken a breath or you just arched to not take that breath, and at the same time, because you’ve arched your back, you need to engage your hamstrings can bring your, your heels up to your bum, to make sure that you can get through a full big second kick. So, yes, when you look at video review. The first kick might be larger in amplitude than the second kick, but the goal would be to try to like work the amplitude of the second kick. So the disparity between the two is not as big.