Finish YOUR Pull w/ Palm Down!

The Backstroke pull is different from the Freestyle pull because you want to finish the pull with the palm facing down. After that shallow drive that we just talked about, you want a swimmer to finish the pull at their hips with their palm down towards the bottom. This does two things, it causes an extra pop, for the swimmers, so you get extra rotation to the side because when you push down something else pops up, and it’s the recovering arm that elevates more so you get that nice feel from the pushdown that pops the arm up to get that recovery to look very smooth and relax. It’s Newton’s law something goes down and something else must come up and let’s swimmer’s come up with the other portion of that is that you get more on your side. So, as I said in the Freestyle webinar, we’re not built for swimming like humans are not built to swim, we’re not fish we don’t have gills and we’re not aquatic looking, so to make us not fight so much against the water we put ourselves in different positions to be more hydrodynamic, and getting us more on our side. You’re in a better hydrodynamic position when you’re on your side, which means that when you’re rotating up in Backstroke- you’re having a smoother Backstroke. If you finish with the palm facing down because it forces a little bit more rotation, so the palm facing down, the last swimmer to pop through that recovery. The recovery looks clean, and at the same time, it also forces a little more rotation to your side, which, as we said in the very beginning. One of the main things in Backstroke is you have to rotate more in Freestyle, and you do you do for Backstroke to have like a nice, smooth Backstroke.