FR Pull: The High Elbow

Just like at the very end of the entry, and at the end of the pull too, you’re going to have a swimmer end with 170 degrees of elbow extension. What that looks like if you’re looking up at my camera screen, I’ve entered my head into the water and extending it. As I extend my hand forward, I don’t want to lock my elbow out because if you see my elbows to the side, if I lock out my elbow it goes down. The goal is to keep the elbow high because remember we talked about a high elbow pull, or in general, you don’t want to drop that elbow at all. If you lock the elbow out either at the front part of the pull or the back part of the pull you’re going to end up moving the elbow position that you don’t want it to be in. I like to say 170 degrees because it’s almost a straight arm, but not entirely. You want the elbow to be almost straight, but keeping the elbow, basically up at the top above the hand so that way when you start to pull backward, the head drops, and the elbow stays up.