Fun Fact

Some of the world’s greatest swimmers can sit with their legs straight out just like this lady is and point their toes down to the ground. So they have that much plantar flexion of their toes can just flop down. That’s a very unstable ankle as I talked about, but I know, Michael Phelps can do that Ryan Lochte, I swam with a boy in college named Peter Better, another girl named Shannon Breeland their feet were just so malleable, that they were able to flop their toes to the ground. So if you’re hanging out right now and want to test your plantar flexibility, go ahead and go for that point toes down, see what happens, see how far you can get towards the ground. I don’t have great plantar flexibility and never really have. But yes, I still was decent at kicking. I will not say that I was the best. There were definitely people on my teams that were the or faster, but I didn’t have the ability, and I could still do some kicks that are pretty well.