How Can I IMPROVE My Kick?

How can you improve your Freestyle kick? The first one is to kickboard, set focus on conditioning, and do different speeds within them. Like in Freestyle, you’ll have a 500 pace, a 200 pace, a 100 pace, and then all out, you share the same with your kick speed. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to swim a 500 Freestyle fast, 200 Freestyle fast, and 100 Freestyle fast, you need to be able to kick that equivalent distance as well. Vertical kicking is one of my favorite things that helps you learn how to kick in both directions high also requires you to point your toes. If you vertical kick with your foot how they are normally for standing or sitting, you’re not going to go anywhere and you’re gonna feel awkward. Great ways to learn vertical kicking are you could do hands up and go to a streamline or you could throw a ball and toss that back and forth to your swimmers. There’s a lot of fun ways to learn besides just like regular kick you on the board, so it mixes things up a bit. Kicking on your side promotes kicking in both directions and pointing your toes. This is a great way of understanding if your swimmer is not swimming straight down the pool why they would be doing that. If you’re kicking heavy and one side versus the other side you’re going to go in the opposite direction of whatever side you’re kicking heavy. If someone’s swimming into the lane line, or wiggling around as they’re swimming down the floors is due to the fact there’s some sort of imbalance.