How Do I Learn FAST Recovery BR?

How difficult is it for distance per stroke Breaststroker to adapt to a fast recovery? It’s easier than trying to go the other way, as I was just saying. One easy way to do that, to get a tempo trainer, the tempo training will help you at a higher tempo than you’re used to, which will force the pull to be larger, but with that, you want to avoid a starfish position which we’re just talking about. So as a coach, you want to make sure that if you’re trying to have your swimmer adapt from distance per stroke, and faster recovery and they’re not injuring themselves by hitting the starfish position, so you can do it. It’s just going to feel a lot more up and down and forward compared to the regular stroke and time-wise and done well, then they should be faster than the regular stroke done at a fast speed, because of that power then couple that with a lot of undulation and power for breaking the body down.