How to SPEED Up Your Breaststroke!

How do you speed up your Breaststroke? Well, there’s really three things you can do. One, you want to increase how fast you can get through all those dead spaces or all those other three steps that don’t do anything for you and your Breaststroke pull. The scoop is what moves water.  How quickly can you go through your “I” and your “y?”  From there you go through your scoop and they go through a fast recovery to get back to that next scoop. So you got three steps that don’t do a whole lot, but one step that does a ton. How quickly can you get through the other three so you can get back to the one that does some work for you. And then on the back end, from a kicking perspective, it’s all about how quickly you can set up your feet and get into that catch position. You can snap the legs back around and push some water behind you, so you get a couple steps in the kick as well. You should have the legs coming up towards the bum because just bending at the knees doesn’t do anything. You should have the knees extending back out and snapping the feet together, which does a whole lot. How quickly can you get the knees up? See, then you can snap back around, ease up, snap back around, ease up, snap back around.