How to TEACH Backstroke Rotation?

What I found too is like with the torso itself, whenever I look at stroke technique, I always want to look at things that are affecting the largest mass first. So I always go at a swimmer and say “Hey, okay, so a lot of what can we do to change from rotational perspective and body line perspective is where most of your mass is sitting.” From there, work on that, because that itself will change your appendages like your arms and your legs. I’ve worked with other coaches who like to look at the arms and the legs first and then work back toward the middle, which I don’t necessarily agree with because if you rotate to the side more, then you can have a deeper pull; but if you don’t rotate then they will have a shallow pull and a shallower pull is not technically helping them, so you have to rotate. When you move the larger mass later after a swimmer has learned the specifics, then it’s harder for them to keep those minor details because they’re moving a larger part of them than that allows for.