Kayak Drill

One of my favorite drills for Backstroke is called the Kayak drill. If you haven’t heard of it, I wrote a blog post on it, and I will drop that into the chat so you guys can take a look at it at the end of this webinar. The Kayak drill is a drill that I was taught when I lived in the Florida Keys. Coach Jon Olsen, Jon Olsen is an olympian from the 1990s, he’s from Alabama, and he’s good friends with Mike Bottom, who I also know, and is one of the head coaches at the University of Michigan. Mike coined this drill and what you do is you have swimmers carry a kickboard as their swimming Backstroke. It forces three things to happen: it forces rotation which is required in Backstroke, it forces a swimmer to keep their pulls shallow and have an elbow bend while it’s happening, and at the very end forces you to finish with the palm facing down or the kickboard will be removed from the water.