Key Takeaways

Rotation can be a useful skill for training but may not be the stroke you race with. You know if you think about it we’re talking about races and dependence, so would you have swimmers on a flatter Freestyle for a two-hour practice probably not or like an endurance race, so you’d want to have kids be able to do both. A flatter stroke and maybe a more rotated stroke just to get through workouts and not gas them out it’s kind of picking that accordingly. Finishing your stroke is the key no matter what type of rotation you’re using, so if you’re flatter or longer, you still want to make sure that you push back to the elbow and 170 degrees. Watch out for rotation imbalances like if you have a gallop and you’re only breathing to one side that’s going to cause you to be off-balance when you’re swimming. If you’re training you want to stay on balance, so definitely try to breathe every three, every five, or just some to the left and some to the right that way you’re not unbalanced. If you’re unbalanced in the pull, it’s harder to generate speed which is less efficient. We want you guys to be as efficient as, working, working your kick, will always make you a faster swimmer, it helps in a flat stroke in rotated stroke, a rough data stroke just depends on the kid, more so if you have a flat stroke, and if you have a faster kick, grab a faster swim. If you have a rotated stroke and you have a faster kick, you’re gonna have a faster swim. So, at the end of the day kicking just helps. So, you should kick more.