Key Takeaways: BR Undulation!

Overall key takeaways, when you’re watching a video or you’re watching your swimmers, especially when they’re above water, you want to look at the height of their Breaststroke. So, how high are they coming out of the water? The width of the arms, as they’re sweeping out in the Breaststroke pull to see what type of Breaststroke they’re currently using. With that, figure out what’s going on with the kid. How do you feel about their kick is it good, sufficient, or could it use more work? Then rank them based on all those things in their gauge to figure out what they should be doing if they should be changing their stroke. There are no specific ways to make a Breaststroke fast, you can swim fast using a fast recovery, and you can swim fast as a distance per stroke, and can see that at the level of any Breaststroke event right now. Whatever is best for you is the fastest that it can be done.