Keys to a FAST Dolphin Kick

So, keys to a fast Dolphin Kick. The first one is genetics, and this is a lot of what has to do with all swimming strokes, if you are, you know have looser hips, I’m able to angle your toes out. We get natural Breaststroke kickers. For Dolphin Kicking, you want to have a lot of ankle flexibility, you want to have lower back flexibility, and the ability to hyperextend your knees. One thing I’ve noticed just within my own body is as I continue to swim over time, I started standing with more hyperextended knees. I’m not saying that all three of these things are good for outside of the pool life, but if you have more ankle flexibility, if you have lower back flexibility, and you can hyperextend your knees- it will help your Dolphin Kick.

Also, you want to have a great streamline. You want to press your head against your arms. I use this picture down here because you can see that this guy has a straight line on the backside of him. So, he’s just showing a great Dolphin Kick, but you want to have an awesome whipping motion. by finishing your Down Kick well and getting some power generated there by feeling some water move. Also, you want to minimize the time between the Up Kick and the Down Kick trying to make sure that that transition doesn’t take too long. As we talked about from a propulsion perspective, you still want to focus on your Up Kick as much as you do for your Down Kick because you need a great Up Kick to have a great Down Kick afterward. So, just because it doesn’t do as much for you from a propulsions perspective, you don’t want to lose it in general. So you want to Up Kick just as well with intention as much as you do for your Down Kick. In general, small, tight, fast kicks going through that range of motion are the best, and probably the most bang for your buck.