Keys to a GREAT Breaststroke!

So, the key to a great Breaststroke no matter what you’re doing is making sure that you hit your body line. So your body line is essentially straight, but your hands are side by side versus one on top of the other like you would have in a regular streamline. So, it does not matter, once again, fast recovery, or distance per stroke, stroke, you have to hit your body line at the end of every single stroke. This connection connects the timing of the whole stroke so you avoid starfishing. Breaststroke, also, I think it’s the most technical stroke, there are so many variations of Breaststroke, and how people are swimming well over the years. It’s also the one that I think you get the least amount of oxygen in. So if you swim Breaststroke well, even if you swim at the fast recovery Breaststroke, there’s still not a lot of oxygen coming in, it’s a one to one ratio, you get one breath the same amount of time that you’re not breathing. So over time, that is a huge buildup of oxygen debt that you will feel as you’re swimming Breaststroke.