Like a Washing Machine!

In general, rotating in a Freestyle is very similar to a washing machine. I love this analogy! I use it all the time when I’m coaching because most everyone knows what a washing machine does; you may or may not have one. But you know that you put in some clothes and there’s a lot of water and a ton of spinning that happens. At the very end of that spin cycle, you still have some damp clothes, but you don’t have, you know, completely sopped clothing, just wet and thrown into the dryer, and the very last part of that washing machine cycle is the intense spinning. The intense spinning works because it essentially wicks away water from the clothing, there’s no heat, there’s no drying involved in the washer. It’s just a fast circle spinning with water wicking away from the clothes. So, comparatively, this washing machine situation is a lot like your body in the water. So, when your body’s in the water, you’re rotating while swimming Freestyle, and if you rotate quickly, you’re moving water molecules around. It’s similar to what it would look like if it were a washing machine. There’s a certain point during your Freestyle pull that if you rotate at the same time as your pulling, you essentially peak in speed that peak of speed happens because water molecules are shifting towards the hand that’s pulling backward while the hand pulling backward is already moving water behind the body. So, essentially, you’re allowing the hand to anchor better and move more water as you’re going through. So it’s like a very niche point, but you don’t always hit it, if you don’t rotate fast enough or say your strokes a little off within the timing of the rotation and the pull of the Freestyle stroke itself, you won’t see that little blip in speed. For people who do hit it, you see a peek after the catch of the Freestyle stroke because the hips are turning towards the hand that’s pulling backward and the hand that’s pulling backward hasn’t quite finished the stroke. It’s important to know that when you rotate well you increase the ability for a swimmer to pull water and move water, so the pull itself is more powerful and faster. We’re saying this, how do you continue to do this while ramping up the swimmer’s tempo?