Rotation Test

So, essentially what I was saying before is if you added Freestyle rotation, you increase the swimmers arm length. This video is essentially me showing you guys, if you look at my actual video screen, my hands straight out in front of my body, my bellybutton flat, my shoulders are shoulder to shoulder, but arm length distance is basically whatever it is from my shoulder to my longest finger. Okay, with my hips being flat standing straightforward. If I rotate and I drive the same hip of whatever arm is forward. I effectively increase my arm length by about one palm width distance long ways. So thats because I’ve shifted my hips, and I’ve allowed myself to get on my side. This video is a fancy way of showing you guys that the other day when you do rotate you rotate and you increase the distance of that arm length, so therefore the arm itself travels further distance which increases your distance per stroke. It allows you to be a little bit more efficient with having rotation and if you don’t do that you have a shorter stroke you still are using the distance of your arm but you’re not getting that little extra from the fact that you’re pushing yourself onto your side and driving the same hip down.