Shark Week: Michael Phelps

So, this is pretty interesting and I think got played up a ton in the media was the Michael Phelps Shark Week edition, where everyone thought Michael is actually going to like race a shark. And it was pretty funny because it’s like that doesn’t make sense, but people actually thought that he was supposed to do it. So, when he didn’t actually raise a true Great White Shark everyone was very angry about it. But that’s not here nor there, basically they hyped up Michael’s Dolphin Kicking, saying that maybe he could stay up or stay close to a Great White Shark. And yeah, Michael has reached speeds of close to six miles per hour. Great White’s can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour. So, it was pretty much on the map that like Michael is not going to beat a great white shark. But I loved seeing swimming, I do you love seeing swimming going into like trendy, like normal generalized television or movies, when people start talking about swimming because it’s really cause of Michael that I feel like the world has taken off. It’s not us, we all like swimming, but other people who sit at home that don’t swim might find that entertaining and it includes swimming.