Should I Swim with MORE or LESS Rotation?

So, which is better? At the end of the day, I believe that it depends on what type of Freestyler you are. You got to look at your race distance, because if we’re talking about a really fast tempo, and you’re going to some a flatter Freestyle stroke, it doesn’t make sense to say hey my 200 Freestylers and my 500 Freestylers are for to Freestylers, starts with a flat freestyle. Now, but say you have a kid who naturally may swim on a little bit more of a flatter Freestyle and maybe they’ve done that their whole life, that would be something where you would probably implement and have like a special condition or a special consideration for that person to do it on long-distance races, but overall I would say the flat Freestyle strokes you’d go for more spread oriented events. You’re going to have a faster tempo you’re going to get into those propulsive phases sooner. You’re going to tire out very quickly so you don’t want the distance to be very long, and a more rotated stroke, you’re gonna have a larger distance for stroke, you’re gonna a lot more dependent on your kick, something that’s going to generate propulsion but overall I feel like the more rotator stroke should be more for like longer distance Freestylers or people who are going for 200’s, 400’s, 800’s, etc. The reason you depend a little bit more on your kick and rotated stroke versus a nonrotating stroke is that there’s only one part of Freestyle, that generates speed, and that’s from the catch to the finish of the Freestyle pull so it’s two-thirds of the Freestyle pull itself, the all other parts of the stroke before recovery and the first third kind of setting up from the entry is the catch itself doesn’t do anything as far as generating speed. So, all that other time as strokes are cycling through the recovery and that dead space at the very beginning of the pull, doesn’t move you forward. So what you’re relying on is a swimmer swimming Freestyle is your kick. So if you have a longer distance per stroke, you’re gonna have more time in that recovery in that first third phase of the pull, which means that you’re going to need to spend more reliance or more time on your Freestyle can itself. And if you don’t have a solid Freestyle kick or say you’re a triathlete, this type of stroke isn’t for you.