Step #3: The Snap Frame by Frame

These pictures are great, you can see here lower left, catch from there starts whipping around that’s the circular motion towards the very end, you can see here, even at the bottom of our kick her toe line is way below our hand line, which is what you’re looking for at the very end of that snap, you want to have those feet together. So that takes us to step four, which is the finish. In the Breaststroke kick is completed. For the swimmers legs and the insides are touching. Basically thighs, knees, calves and feet, all together in a streamlined body position under the water. This is the part of the stroke that most swimmers don’t complete. So when you look at the kick itself, it’s the snap in the finish that generate all that propulsion for you. The front part, the knee bend, or the curl and the catch is just like the recovery or the setup phase. So if you stop short, it’s like if you stopped short and Freestyle or shot for Butterfly, you’re gonna lose a lot of speed. So, you want to make sure that your swimmers are finishing the end of the kick. So they’re not essentially expelling a ton of effort and not getting the most return from the effort that they’re expelling. Once again, this picture is a good one as you can see here her toes are still below her body line. She’s finishing that kick and getting those feet and big toes together.