The 5th Stroke

We’re calling the Dolphin Kick the 5th stroke. It’s basically become kind of coined that Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, being very, very great off their walls with Dolphin Kicking. So, basically since the 1998 expansion of the rule the Dolphin Kick has been taught to our youngest swimmers of our generation. So, basically since I grew up swimming because I grew up in the 90s. I was always told to Dolphin Kick off my walls I knew what Dolphin Kicking was and it was supposed to be part of how I swam. Now, 19 years later, because I grew up learning the fundamentals and training with a Dolphin Kick at the elite level the sport. So, I do think that a lot of like the foundational components of, hey, I was 14 When I first-I mean- hey, I was like eight when I first started swimming, and now I’m like 22 and I’m still competing on an elite level, you’re going to be much better on dolphin kicking than someone who starts when they’re 14 and say now they’re only like 18. So, this is a matter of time, people focusing on the Dolphin Kick has helped. And it’s just gotten better we’ve trained it better, we have more drills. People will often focus more attention on it than they did even, you know, 19 years ago.