The FR Pull: Entry

So, as far as entry is concerned, you always want to have a swimmer enter with their middle finger. The ideal entry point would be in respect to the shoulder joints of the right hand. And as you can see in the picture, it would be the middle finger, basically extending out straight from that right hand. So, the goal would be to have the fingertips right in front of that respective shoulder joint, having a straight line from head to toe there. As you can see with my cursor, ideally palm would be facing down. One of the main issues with age groupers that I see is just entering with that thumb. I feel like that’s learned at a very young age and that’s also one of those mistakes, it’s harder to correct. As you get older, the thumb entry allows a swimmer to slip in their catch a little bit early, and so they miss a little bit of water that they could be kind of holding on to versus if they went straight in with their palm and their palms facing backwards. It gets them into their catch it a little bit more engaged there they don’t miss that water, and so they just have the ability to really hold on to water a little bit better versus slipping up top with the thumb entry.