The KEY to a FASTER Breaststroke!

So, what is the key to a faster Breaststroke stroke? Well, it really is having A, a better kick, but it’s not necessarily the entire kick itself is being better and faster at going through steps one and two, which is the knee bend, and the catch. So the quicker you can get through these two steps, the faster your Breaststroke stroke will be because you’re going to allow yourself to have a faster stroke tempo. So if you’re struggling and Breaststroke or you’re saying I want to learn how to be better, you want to a make sure that you’ve got the ability to point your toes, externally rotate your hips, and then be the super fast and bringing the knees up to the bum, getting into that setup position so you could snap some water back and doing that repetitively repetitively over time.