Up Kick or Down Kick: Which is More Important?

So, which is better if you compare the Up-Kick and the Down-Kick? I feel like I hear this a lot, because people are always looking for ways to kind of take small breaks or vacations, and in Freestyle – the kick is similar to that of a bow and arrow.

The reality is in order to get an arrow to fly really far AND really fast, you have to pull back on the bow and in the string. If you don’t pull back on the bow on the string, your arrow is not gonna fly very far or at any sort of fast speed. So one thing the Up-Kick really looks like in terms of swimming is the setup phase or the pullback on the bow the string creates tension.. So you’re basically setting up to have a great Down-Kick, which is when you would release the arrow from the bow and string.

I really do love this analogy because it’s so true with these kicks that if you don’t have a good setup phase or Up-Kick, you’re not going to be able to generate a lot of propulsion on the Down-Kick. So both parts of the kick is really crucial to for a FAST Freestyle kick. If you have a crappy setup phase, you’re going to have a crappy kick. So if you don’t set up well or you don’t really go through the full motion of the Up-Kick say you only go through 50% of it – you’re only going to get through 50% of the Down-Kick, so there really is no easy way to have a Fast Freestyle Kick, because both parts of this kick biomechanically is required to have a fast overall Freestyle Kick.