Video Analysis: Closed Fist

So one thing about this lady that has, she has a pretty interesting Freestyle, is if you look at this still frame, her right hand is entered into the water you would assume that things that are pointing down at her fingertips, but she’s actually in a fist-like position. So as she continues to swim. She then opens up the hand and then moves the fingertips out in open. This is just like a very unique, like a technical mistake, but it’s something to note for her and her swimming, as she moves backward in her pull, you can see here once again, we’ve got another person who’s leading it with the motion of the elbow going backward first, which is what we want to try to avoid. She’s not as sharp compared to the other two boys that we just watched, but you can still see in this frame how the elbow is moving backward, before the lower hand palm. So, for a true high elbow pull or any of the other ones. You have to be with the elbow, basically delayed to the lower arm forearm, palm and wrist backward first and the elbow goes backward. Second, she wants to avoid leading with her elbow and keep it backward to make her pull stronger. So, as far as her rotation is concerned she does rotate equally from side to side she could use a little bit more rotation, to be honest. But she does do a nice job of making sure that she keeps that pendulum going and swinging from side to side. She does stop short in her pull. One other thing to show you guys is where her pull finishes with her hand, I mean to her body and her hip, and you can see here how she’s pulling the hand out before the really before the hips even happen. So once again, she’s just swimming a little bit smaller than she should be because she’s taller and bigger than that.