Video Analysis: DPS Breaststroker

So, I use a distance per stroke Breaststroke stroke, I am not fast at Breaststroke as I’ve said, so the fact that I’m using this stroke style with the fact that I do not have a great kick means that my Breaststroke is just slow in general compared to other peoples that are more Breaststrokers, I have a Butterflier, and not a Breaststroker, so I have once again a really wide pull, we’re actually really try to pull water down past my hips like the Butterfly. And then from there I recover them forward, where you can see in the waterline is hitting up at the base of my neck and there’s really no body angle here. From there I shoot everything out When I kick back that it does something but it doesn’t do nearly as much as someone who’s a more natural Breaststroke kicker. You can see that my toes angle out what the snap through is not followed by that extra boost and speed, like you would see.