Video Analysis: DPS Breaststroker

So for him, his stroke pull is still very wide. You can see here, he’s got a super wide pull which is a super big circle. After that, when he comes up for his highest peak in undulation, you can see here that the water hits him up close towards the base of his neck. Okay, which is not a lot of undulation. From there, he shoots out to a beautiful body line right under the surface of the water. So this is another prime example of someone who swims with more distance per stroke stroke, he has a nice kick. So for those of you guys, that said, it looks like a fast recovery. He was never taught a fast recovery when he was competitively swimming. I do think that he has the prerequisites to do a fast recovery and do it pretty darn well, but he would need to shorten up the pull a bit. If we can pull a bit smaller and come out of the water higher and couple that with the nice angle of his toes out back here, he could have had a pretty good and probably faster 100 Breaststroke than he did.