Video Analysis: DPS Breaststroker

 A fast recovery is determined by two things: the height the swimmer gets up out of the water and how quickly they shoot forward from their height position out to the top of the stroke. You can see she’s doing a really nice job of hitting the body line, which is happening in the end of her stroke which once again is not stroke dependent. One of the best ways to know whether someone is from a distance per stroke stroke or a fast recovery stroke is to look at the width of the arms. The width of her arms here is quite a big circle, which means it’s going to take longer for her to get to, through that recovery, back to the next stroke. She’s actually swimming with a more distance per stroke, stroke. You can also tell that by looking at the maximum point of their heights. So once your head is up and they’re at their highest point, how much of the body is out of the water? This picture versus Lily’s picture from earlier where Lily had almost 90 degrees out of the water you can see that the waterline is hitting her pretty much at the bottom of her rib cage. Whereas, with this girl, the water is hitting her up at the top of her suit. So you want to look at heights, to be able to see what kind of stroke they’re doing, along with the width of the pull, because remember, the pulling pattern is actually what determines how much undulation you do use.