Video Analysis: Dropped Elbow

yeah what I was saying with him is specifically, when you look at his hand entering into the water you can see how the hand up top, here is super, super flat so you can see how his elbows in a straight line with his hand in his middle finger entering. So he’s fully extended out his elbow which is what we don’t want the main, real good piece of what his pull looks like is the same underwater view of what we just saw from the guy before, which is you can see here this is halfway through his pull this should be in the catch position, right? But you can see how the elbow is the first thing that moves back in the lower arm palm and wrists are in front of the elbow. So, where he’s actually moving water from his upper arm as opposed to his lower arm in palm and wrist, which is what we don’t want. So for people who fully extend up top. What they do is end up dropping the elbow. I like to kind of call this position petting a cat, because the elbow would move backwards kind of as you’re you know giving your cat or a dog some pets and that is obviously not a good way to swim. We want the lower arm, forearm and wrist to be the thing that’s engaging it’s the water there’s more surface area to that, we want to avoid the position that he’s currently in.