Video Analysis: Fast Recovery

This is more of a fast recovery Breaststroke stroke, so she’s got a smaller angle of lower. The hands are still outside of her shoulders but they’re not super wide, then she starts bringing them under the body to when she shoots the hands forward so fast that it’s hard for me to even stop the video for you guys to see the difference between where she’s at her chest, and then when her hands are out in full extension. And then from there, she follows it up with an awesome kick, And in this specific video, we are emphasizing hitting the body line and holding the body line. So as soon as her feet came around and touch. Here’s a green light now that her arms can then open up for their next stroke because we’re emphasizing the body line, which is why we’re seeing such a huge glide on the back end of that stroke. So this is your example of a fast recovery Breaststroker. It’s swimming a faster recovery.