Video Analysis: Flat Freestyle Stroke

So this guy has a pretty interesting Freestyle. He’s super flat, so he doesn’t rotate at all, which is a lot of presentations I’ve been giving recently have to do with a flatter Freestyle stroke. So it’s just interesting to have an underwater viewpoint of that. The reason a flat Freestyle stroke is even a thing right now is that it allows a swimmer to ramp up their tempo as you can see, there’s not a lot of dead space between pulls. So, he’s just getting a hand in and constantly grabbing and moving water, which is the technical benefit of having a high elbow pull. He does struggle with getting a middle finger entering on the left hand specifically, so he enters with his thumb and then allows that palm to get back to where it needs to be. His catch is pretty good. He should open up his hands. You can tell more so in the video when it’s playing itself out as the fingertips cupped. So, opening up his hands will help him a little bit we talked about that he has no rotation whatsoever. He sometimes stops the pull short, so you want the pull to finish past your hip versus anything before. You can see here, like every once in a while, he’ll get there then as he’s ramping up his tempo and gets tired, he doesn’t get fully back down towards those thighs, which is what we’d want to see.