Video Analysis: Great Breaststroke Kick!

The thing that I liked about her videos is this is her again. Is this is her trying to do that Up Kick of the Dolphin kick at the very end of her Breaststroke kick? So you saw her original Breaststroke kick, and then now this is her attempt to do the Up Kick portion of the Breaststroke kick as well. So as you can see there, there’s quite an acceleration with that kick as she snaps, and then she brings the feet higher than they would normally go. So she brings her legs together, but as she’s doing that she kicks those feet up at the very, very end towards the surface, so now her body position is a little bit off tilted because the legs are up towards the top, but she’s generated some propulsion, with the feet coming up. Very easy, from, from there for her to get into that knee bend. This was hard for her to learn. She’s got a great kick but remembering that Up Kick at the very very end is weird. It’s really weird to teach him when who doesn’t naturally do it. So, it’s not going to be something that if you try to have one of your best swimmers do this tomorrow you’ll see them be able to implement and implement easily. I would recommend finding a video for whichever kid that you’re working with, so that you maybe want to try and do this with, and show them what you’re trying to get them to do. See if they can mimic their first kick by trying to explain the back half of that underwater Dolphin Kick. She got one but then just hung out there for too long if she went straight into it that speed would have helped the Up Kick and you would have seen it on the above surface camera. A blip of water bubbles would have been visible instead of some ripple on the surface from the fact that she brought her feet up far more forcefully than she does normally.