Video Analysis: High Elbow Catch (Good)!

So this is one of my age groupers, she’s a really kind of a good general example of someone who’s swimming really well. Out of all the people that we have better, you know, just traditional swimmers she’s probably the one closest to having a high elbow. With that she does a couple things that are not the greatest. So, for example, she sometimes enters with her thumb up top, so it’s a little bit more noticeable on the right hand after she takes a breath, that every once in a while she’ll get the thumb and then she’ll slide the palm down, so just avoiding that thumb entry would be good. She has a great high elbow pull on the left side. So, as she pulls back you can see here how the elbow staying up with the lower arm, forearm and palm are moving backwards and you can also see how that is happening with where the water bubbles are moving, so she’s pushing its water more intensely throughout, as the arm gets lower, which is another way of seeing that she’s truly getting into that high elbow catch. Her right arm doesn’t do as as good of a job, you can see here how the elbow, engages a little bit lower, but she’s still trying to get into the high elbow catch, she just lets the elbow drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, and then from there, makes the change to engage the elbow and get the lower arm, forearm palm and wrist to move backwards. As far as your rotation is concerned she does a great job. She’s rotated fully on one side and then rotates fully to the opposite side she is bilaterally breathing, which is ideal. And also, she’s finishing up past her hip. As you can see the hand in correlation with the thigh, which was one of the points I wanted to show you guys on one of the other guys videos, so she does a nice job of making sure she’s pushing past her hip.